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Discussion Archive: A Rose for Emily

Welcome to the VCCS Litonline archive about "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner. This is no longer an active forum because of interlopers who posted junk not relevant to the story.  To see the best replies sent over several years, click on either Archive #1, below, left, or Archive #2, below.

Click here or on the rose to ENTER the forum on "A Rose for Emily."

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Approximation of Emily's House (Click for larger image.)
Click for an archive of observations about "Emily" from Mexico, Archive #1. Click for essay ideas related to this story and study guide questions from around the country and summaries of some literary criticism. Click the house photo to see the competing photos and reasons why this house was selected for the website cover.

Archive #2: 1997-2004


About the house photo: In summer, 1999, contributors to the forum were asked to select one of four photos and explain why it represented the closest image of Emily's house.   The most thoughtful responses cited the description of the house from the story and explained that, although no photo matched exactly with the narrator's description, this was the closest. From 1999 to 2002, thirty-seven more users of this website stated their reasoning, too.  See the four photos (or click on the house to get to the page) and an archive of that reasoning (a slow download through a modem).  

Does anyone have a better photo?  The photo above is from a royalty-free collection, and it makes a fair representation of Emily's house--two stories, rather rundown, with some lawn, a brick base, cupolas and balconies.  But where are the spires?  Should there be a fence?  Should outbuildings be visible? 

If you have a photo of a white house with spires, cupolas, and scrolled balconies and I might use it for free on the cover of this site with acknowledgement to you and a credit line (copyright notice, if you have copyrighted the photo), please let me know by emailing--

Eric Hibbison, Litonline webmaster, at ehibbison@jsr.vccs.edu 

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