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Oedipus the Wreck

Sitemap of Summary, Archive, and Questions for Oedipus the King

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0.  Objectives for using this web--for the summary and the archive

1. Background for reading the play: Oedipus' 2 problems and modern readers

2. Prologue: The people of Thebes turn to Oedipus to save them.

3. Parados: The Thebans pray to other gods to save them from the plague-bringer, Ares.

4. Tiresias: Oedipus seeks the truth (the murderer's identity) from the local prophet (seer), Tiresias [teh-REE-see-us]--and gets it.

5. Creon: Oedipus accuses Creon of conspiring with Teiresias to take the throne, and Jocasta, trying to soothe her husband, offers the first corroboration that he may really be the murderer.

6. The Messenger from Corinth: A messenger from Corinth notifies Oedipus that his father is dead and the throne of Corinth is his.

7. Recognition: The messenger confronts the herdsman.

8. Exodos: An eyewitness tells about Jocasta's suicide and Oedipus' blinding himself in humiliation and grief.

9. Considerations: Further thinking on the play toward a possible essay

10.  Links to other sites on Oedipus.  (See also the reconstituted Oedipus Forum.)

11.  Archives of forums on Oedipus the King

A1.  Oedipus Complex: Was Freud right about the play?

A2.  Pity and Fear: Does the play encourage a catharsis?

A3.  Study Guide: Frequently asked questions about the play

A4.  Teaching the Play: Ideas for involving a class

12.  Forum Questions: Archives of the Original Questions for the 1998-2003 Forum

F1.  Who Are the Chorus?

F2.  Is Oedipus Selfless or Self-Centered?

F3.  The Punishment Fits the Crime?

F4.  Oedipus vs. Creon

F5.  Is Oedipus a True Leader?

F6.  Is Oedipus a Free Man or a Fool of the Gods?

F7.  Jocasta's Shame

F8.  Regicide or Incest?  

F9.  Theme

F10.  Filming Oedipus Tyrannos

F11.  Oedipus vs. Hamlet  

13.  Assessment

Writing Tasks for This Module

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See also the triangle graph by Barbara McManus on the structure of the play and its "unity of action."

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