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Oedipus the Wreck


From the summary and notes about the play (pages 1 - 9), users of this website should be able to determine the following about plot plausibility and the personalities of the characters:

  • determine pros and cons of Oedipus's personality (or see his personality traits as double-edged)

  • determine what aspects of Oedipus's fate were set by his own actions and which were set by the gods

  • determine the relationship of Oedipus with Jocasta, with the citizens of Thebes, with the gods

  • settle reasons why Tiresias (and the herdsman) did not reveal Oedipus's identity decades before the time of the play's action

  • assess whether Creon seems ambitious or should be taken at his word

  • assess how much Jocasta knew and when, as well as what blinds her to the truth for decades (if blind she was)

  • apply questions of morality, piety, and free will, as seen in this play, to their own lives (or to modern life)

From the archives, in addition to help with the objectives above, users of this website should be able to determine

  • characteristics of an effective answer for a quiz/discussion question

  • characteristics of a Greek tragedy

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