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English 112 (English Composition II)

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Style Guide

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Site Map
Credits, Copyrignt, Acknowledgements
The URL for this page is: http://vccslitonline.cc.va.us/SG-cover.htm

[Start with a 2x3 borderless table (border = 0).  Put links to the major sections or pages of your module in the right cell or cells, especially to the Site Map.  Merge the 2 left cells and insert the image for your module or forum. Merge the bottom 2 cells and put in the URL for the page.  Minimize links on the cover by putting links onto your site map--including necessary external links, e.g. to the Litonline home page, the syllabus page, and the credits page of the root web. In "table properties" reduce the table width to the width of the URL and choose "Alignment" as "center" instead of "Default."  Centering is especially important for users with 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher.]

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This Litonline website was made by a team of VCCS English faculty, using Microsoft Front Page 97 and 98 software, under collaborative Courseware Grants from the VCCS. 1997 by the Virginia Community College System. The forum is housed on a Front Page 98 server at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

VCCS logo
Donna Reiss, Founding Project Director, 1997
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Rosalind Blunt and Cathy Simpson Ron Carter Eric Hibbison, 1998 Project Director
Logos for authors' colleges (above) and authoring software (below)
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[Start with a 1x3 table to put wording something like that in the middle cell above, the VCCS logo and your college logo for the webs you author.  Copy the hotlink for the logos from this page.  To hide border of hotlink, right-click, then select "Image Properties"--"Appearance."  You have to click on border size to make it say zero; then click ok.](Only 2 of these logos will appear on your cover page--the VCCS to the lef and your college's logo to the right.)

Explanatory Notes and Principles--General and Cover Page

1.  Layout: All forum and module covers should have the same "look."   That is, the appropriate quilt piece in the top left with a kicker line, a large heading, a bordered table ("1x5x3") with a centered graphic image appropriate to the module, and an unbordered table (e.g. "0x1x2" for border size, cell padding, and cell spacing) for the module's credits.

2.  Wording: The top kicker identifies the grantor, includes our site's nickname, and tells what it's for. ("Literature Online" is the name of a website for a commercial publisher in Britain open only to subscribers, so we've changed our original kicker lines to avoid conflict and to clarify our "intro" target since an American Lit. team also made a VCCS courseware project.) Each site map should include a link to the general acknowledgements of the root web, to the Litonline home page, to the list of course syllabi so our students can return to our individual syllabi.

After you have titled your pages (including changing "New Page#" to some echo of your large print title, preferably with module name and page name [right click--"Page Properties"--"Page Name"]), use page titles of your major sections to make links. {Note: If you don't name your page, it makes a blank bookmark when saved by a user as a "bookmark" or "favorite."}

The wording in the unbordered credit table, above, is suggested for the overall credit page to appear in the root web.  Your name, your college's name, and your college's logo should appear on your credit pages, preferably with hotlinks to your college web page and your college's top page. Mention Litonline in your credits and make it a hotlink to the root web's quilted cover OR HOTLINK THE "VCCS Litonline" in the KICKER for each page.

3.  Logos: Use your college's hotlinked logo on the right, the VCCS's on the left.   Copy them from the table above and paste them into your credit table.  Note: A Real Player button hotlinked to the download site for Real Player should appear on each page where you attach a sound file that pops up Real Player--and there should be one per module (but not necessarily one per forum) to play

  • a welcome
  • someone reading all or selections/passages of the work (less than 5% of long, copyrighted works)
  • someone reading all or part of what it says on your page
  • background music (royalty-free files are on your Asymetrix Toolbook II CDs)
  • part of a class discussion (with permission in writing, please, from each participant)
  • a peer evaluation of a student's writing (ditto on written permission, even if it's just an emailed ok to use on the Web)

4.  No Themes:  We don't all have to use the same themes, but you can use a theme in your module or forum as you please.  I liked "Sumi Painting" and Rosalind liked "Romanesque."

5. URL:  Because aol's browser (and maybe others) doesn't show locations (I guess), we should encourage students to download a real browser, preferably Netscape.   But we should also place the page URL at the bottom of each of our pages under the page-turning links (or navbar) for inside pages and either there or in the bottom line of the cover table for covers, as shown above.

6.  No Hover Buttons: Since JAVA-based hover buttons are not visible to America Online users or other users of non-JAVA browsers, we shouldn't use them (if we did we'd have to duplicate page turners anyway to have a visible page link).

7.  Whenever possible, page turning buttons and the site map icon should be a photograph (or color clip-art) relevant to the content of your site (see or take samples from "Sonnet 116").  The photos should be sized in Corel Photo-Paint or Paint Shop Pro and saved as .gif files with 256 colors to minimize page downloading time.  (Browsers load the entire image and then size them to fit the space an author designates in page-authoring software, such as Front Page 98.  That maximizes download time.) If possible, remove background from the photo or place backgrounded photo icons into 3 or 5-cell tables, depending on whether you are including "first-page" and "last-page" icons along with "previous," "site map," and "next" icons.

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