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Greetings Colleagues,

An Invitation  

Our Website is your Website.  That is,

  • You may have your students use the webs at this site, without additional permission if you are doing so for academic reasons.  (Beyond that, such as for any profit-making motive or to copy and alter any of the work on these sites, you should obtain written permission from the Virginia Community College System.   Requests should be sent via the Project Director, Eric Hibbison.)
  • You may contribute to this site by offering your own sites on specific works for inclusion as links.
  • You may develop webs using the Style Guide. Webs  can be linked to, if they are housed on your college's or ISP's server, or published to the Litonline server via Front Page.
  • You may help with requests or ideas that can impact the long-range planning for this site.  Send ideas or requests to the project director.
  • Use the page, Exploring Litonline, as well as this page, to orient yourself to the structure of the site and some of its resources.

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