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English 112 (English Composition II)

The Hamlet Site

Student Essays on Zeffirelli's Hamlet

Objective for this Page: To provide a sample essay that a student has written about the play.

The following essay demonstrates the sort of claims and support that might be used in an essay about staging in a movie. The focus of this essay is the uses of the camera in the Franco Zeffirelli production of Hamlet. Related essays on other aspects of staging are also posted at this site. Note: The task was to make sense out of the hundreds of decisions that go into a movie, not to second-guess or badmouth the director; consequently, the essays that will be posted here simply try to figure out the staging, not to criticize it.

Camera Work in Hamlet

Assessment: After reading the essay several times, analyze the quality of the studentís writing about the play, listing its strengths and weaknesses.

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