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Objective for this Page:  To provide additional texts of the play, interpretative aides, and commentaries.

Copies of the play with various summaries, glosses, or notes

  1. Illustrations of Hamlet scenes (usually Ophelia or Hamlet) from artists of the 1800s are at Emory University's Shakespeare Illustrated.

  2. The Hamlet Navigator by Philip Weller offers scene summaries, traces character appearances through the play, traces a few recurring images through the play, traces some character traits of Hamlet, and offers a word search.   All quotations are indexed to a script of the play.

  3. Ian Delaney has assembled a classy site called "A Short Course on Shakespeare's Hamlet," which puts summaries before each printed scene; questions for each act's plot, stagecraft, and themes with sample answers, and a forum for adding ideas about the play.  Main pages also have embedded music in the manner of Shakespeare's era.
  4. The University of Washington's OpenUW contains (as of 2008) a free short course on Hamlet with summary, thematic notes, and self-checking practice quizzes on each act, plus discussion questions for the whole play.
  5. Shakespeare's complete works are online at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including Hamlet printed scene by scene.

  6. Advanced: Editing Shakespeare: Jeffery and Charlotte Triggs have adapted Bernice Kliman's Enfolded Hamlet to the Web (click on Shakespeare's portrait to get to the table of contents from the introduction).  Search for any phrase from the play and get a display of the context with the number of lines you specify.  The 1604 or 1605 text (called Quarto 2) is printed along with variant words from the 1623 Folio 1 text with color coding and punctuation to sort out which reading is which.  This ADVANCED and close reading of Shakespeare where even the individual words and punctuation visibly change the tone of a passage.
  7. Shakespeare resources in general are listed at Carolyn Todd's costume website, including biographies online and online notes about the plays and the Globe Theater.
  8. Interesting study questions from Dr. Deborah Schwartz, along with a checklist of soliloquies and important scenes.

Biographical data on Shakespeare

See for a thorough Shakespeare bio.
Rebutting or Amplifying a Review of Hamlet

typehand.gif (8738 bytes)Posting Option #32:  Write a rebuttal of any of the following reviews--or a detailed agreement with one--or both agreement and rebuttal.



Things to Find on or off the Net:
    Voltaire's attack on Hamlet and then George Brandes' praise of the same work

Assessment: Choose a link and summarize four facts or assertions that surprise or intrigue you.


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