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Directions for Fall, 1999, "Trifles" Project

Dear Litonline Students:
    Here are the question assignments for the students known to be participating this semester. The directions are below the list of names for each question.
    I'll bet you will want to print out this message.

Eric Hibbison (JSRCC), Litonline project director
Q1: Amanda B., Jessica K., Theresa A., Todd H.
Q2: Joshua C., Todd K., Stephanie W.
Q4: Missy D., Jacquie P., Jonathan B., Trinika L.
Q5: Michelle G., Angela C., Reza M., Joyce W.
Q6: Nakia H., John R., Karen S., Gloria M.
Q7: Jonathan J., Jillian S., Evellyn R.

Step 1. Go to and enter the forum on "Trifles" at--


Answer the question you are assigned before 11:59 p.m. Monday, Sepember 6th, by clicking on the question, then clicking on "Reply." In the reply form,

bulletPlease type your name and college initials into the "From" line.
bulletType your response into the "Comments" box.
bulletChange the "Subject" line into a title for your answer.
bulletClick on the "Post Article" button below the typing area for your answer.
bulletYou should be asked to "refresh the main page"; click on those words to do so and verify that the link to your response is listed under the link for the question you answered.

Step 2. Before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 8th, return to the forum for "Trifles" and read the answers posted for your question by

bulletclicking on the question link (to review the question)
bulletclicking the "Back" button of your browser
bulletclicking each response in turn (clicking "Back" after reading each one).

Summarize the answers you see. To log your summary into the forum, click on the question link and click "Reply" and do what you did for step 1, but title your summary as a "Summary of Responses." Ideally, each summary will have slightly different emphases, so being last on this task will challenge one's ingenuity to say something different from those who have summarized before.

Step 3. By 11:59 on Friday, September 10th, select one of the responses for ANY of the 7 questions (it's completely ok to use the same question but also completely ok not to) and reply to ONE of the responses you read for that question. With the response on screen, click the "Reply" button and use the form that opens as you did for step 1.

Extra-credit: After September 11th or so, other work for your sections may require your attention, but as soon as you can return to the "Trifles" forum and do one of these--
(1) "Reply" to someone's response to your posting for step 1, or
(2) "Reply" to someone who didn't get an answer in step 3.
(3) Give your email address to your teacher, asking him or her for details on a literary research project later in the semester and specify your top two choices of people who have posted to the "Trifles" list that you might want to work with on this collaborative, intercollegiate project that would involve email, a web search (probably including VIVA--the VCCS online listing of periodical citations and some full-text articles), and use of print materials from your local college or town library.

1. How long should an answer be? For full credit, a response should be at least 7 - 10 lines long, and (like any college-level quiz answer) quote and explain relevant phrases from "Trifles." For instance, any writing to document Minnie's isolation would mention things like her broken rocker and oven, the house being down "in a hollow," her tattered clothing, the couple's childlessness, John's disinterest in conversation, etc., to show that her isolation was not just physical but social and psychological, as well.

2. Should I work through the "Understanding Drama" lesson before finalizing my answers for this series of steps? (Would a teacher say no to this idea?) 

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