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Links for Studying about Trifles

Links to other useful sites about the play (performed in 1916, published in 1920) and short story version (published in 1917) by Susan Glaspell.

Click these masks for link to a wealth of links on "Trifles."Click the masks (or here) to get to a website in Nagasaki, Japan, that lists not only this forum but other websites on the short story version of Trifles. This site lists webbed biographical information, links to the UVA versions of the play and the short story online, as well as student essay drafts about the short story.

This site also links to other works by Susan Glaspell online.  The site is part of Prof. Akihito Ishikawa's "American Literature on the Web" site at Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages. 


Other writers on Trifles:

bulletMeghan F., Todd M., and Mark M. (TCC), regarding a motif of imprisonment and repression in this play
bulletVisit the Understanding Drama module to read about some visual, structural, and thematic considerations for "Trifles."
bulletSee also in this web the page on Reviews, Critiques, and Production History, which includes background on the Provincetown Playhouse in Massachusetts and its New York counterpart.