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Background: This web results from several years of classroom-tested assignments on issues that students and other readers of Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms commonly need to understand to make sense of the novel and to see the assets and flaws in the movies made in its name.  

For a first reading, see the Study Guide, which arranges comprehension questions and  research questions in the order in which they would occur if a class were discussing the novel from Book 1 through Book 5.

The lists of research questions suggest military, historical, medical, geographical, literary, biographical, and cinematic topics that students of the novel should read about for a deeper understanding of the novel's plot, characters, theme, and the author's strategies for getting us to realize the experiences and ideas behind the novel.  

The assignment guidelines suggest parameters for reporting the research, based on various configurations tried in a community college course. Nevertheless, students should follow their instructors' requirements for format. 

Procedure: Students commonly read through the study questions and the menu of research questions, looking for something that matches their major or interests or prior experience.  

Consider using a modular approach to teaching or studying the novel.
bulletReading the Novel
bulletResearching the WWI Era (cultural study)
bulletsample research reports
bulletWriting an Essay on A Farewell to Arms
bulletPassage lists on 10 themes

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