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On Hills Like White Elephants

A "Hills" Forum

Module A: Reading the Novel 

Objectives        Tasks

A101 Contrast "Hills Like White Elephants" vs. "A Farewell to Arms" in terms of the greater complexity of the novel.  [Hint: Notice the link at left to a website about that story, which includes the story segmented for study.]

A102 Describe the various roles of group members.

A103 Apply the content, organization, and style for an effective study question (or quiz) answer.

A104 Determine the usual shortcomings of less effective study question (or quiz) answers.

A105 Discuss the concepts of character motivation, foreshadowing, and ironic circumstances in "Book I" of the novel.

A106 Differentiate between the distracters and the target answer.

A107 Define "love," "lying," "bravery," and "fear" as seen in previous readings and movies.

A108 Judge whether a character in the novel is in love, lying, or afraid.

A109 Describe "symbolism," "foil characters," and "dramatic irony."

A110 Define "tone," "cynicism," and "sarcasm."

A111 Apply the principle that "nothing that happens in a high-quality published fictional story by accident."

A112 Discuss the impact of mass movements on individuals.

A113 Discuss literary "allusion."

A114 Apply the concepts of character motivation (especially cynicism), allusion, plausibility, and irony.

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