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Episode 3
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Objective for this Page: To summarize episode 3 and to suggest a theme of the play: mankind’s lack of judgment and its consequences.


Nic Dawkes as Haemon, Peter Kenworthy as Kreon, at HenleyDuring Episode Three Creon informs Haemon, his son, of his decision to kill Antigone for being a traitor.  Haemon pleads with his father to change his mind with no success.  Haemon and Creon get into a heated argument and Creon threatens to kill Antigone in front of him.  Haemon leaves stating you will never see me again.  Creon then states the way he is going to kill Antigone is by burying her alive by enclosing her in a rocky vault.


This scene seems to enrage Creon, which advances the death of Antigone.  It shows how stubborn and unyielding Creon is no matter how unreasonable he is being.  The scene helps to set up the theme of the play.  The theme is that a lack of judgment is one of the greatest ills afflicting mankind.  It is in this scene that Creon makes his worst judgment, which destroys his whole family. 

Study Questions


What does Creon mean when he states, “Let her pray to the one god she worships: Death?”


Is there a better way Haemon could have tried to convince Creon to spare the life of Antigone?  


Assessment: Choose a study question and respond in a paragraph, citing evidence from episode 3 to support your point(s).

Thanks to C. G. Kopacki for contributing to this page.


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