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Objective for this Page:  To provide supplemental guidance and analysis when reading and writing about the play.

Classics Technology Center study guide for Antigone  This guide is indexed to the line count in the Loeb translation at Tufts' Perseus site, which is listed as the Jebb translation.  This is actually Roger Dunkle's 1986 study guide at the Brooklyn College website.

John Black's 9 essay prompts for Antigone at Malaspina U's Liberal Studies pages

Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Associate Professor of Classics at Temple University, lists a few notes and questions for the play.

The ClassicNote website contains a short summary, a longer summary, 5 sections of summary and commentary, a bio of the author Sophocles, background to the play that tells about the Athenian festival for Dionysus and the play competitions associated with it.  The onsite ministore (click the photo of one book at left) sells 4 versions of the book, the Barron's study guide (yeah!), the Cliffs Notes study guide (oh, no! ugh! ptui!), and both the Irene Pappas movie (1961) with English subtitles and the Amy Greenfield (1990) in videotape and DVD.  The site includes a 40-item multiple-choice quiz, mostly on the action of the play, which has been taken by over 8,000 people who averaged 70% correct.  For student essays, you have to pay $2.95 at this site just to read the essays, though all other pages are free.  At least a couple of the titles, though, seem to be the same as essays appearing in whole or in part at are mocked on the essay page of this site you are now reading.

Stephanie Brink Hoeper created a unit plan for getting her North Dakota high school students to write a review of the live production as if they were ancient Athenian theater goers.  [It has to help that Sophocles probably won the playwriting competition the year that Antigone debuted in Athens.]

Judi Wyatt, a Canadian teacher at the American School in Lima, Peru, suggests a demanding assignment best done in drama production classes, that including scripting, sketching, and video.  Nevertheless, it could lead to some interesting thinking, especially when couple with the production notes linked from this website.

Assessment:  Choose an above link that interest you.  Read it carefully, take notes, and then organize notes and your ideas for an essay using the web site as a guide.


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