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Stasimon 4
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Objective for this Page: To summarize stasimon 4, to comment upon the chorusís blindness, and to analyze the chorus's effect on the reader.


a videogame?The chorus invokes others who have suffered a fate similar to Antigone's.  Danae was locked in a cell by her father because of a prophecy that her son would kill him (sort of like Oedipus and Lauis but with a generation in between).  Zeus, the story goes, visited her as golden rain and impregnated her anyway. 

Nothing can save us from our fate.

Lycurgus mocked Dionysus and the Muses.  Dionysus later returned to that king's realm, drove him insane, and chained him to a rock.  According to Classical Mythology Online, scroll L, his people "tore him apart."

Finally, the chorus tells of the children of Phineus, king of Salmydessus, who had children by a woman named Cleopatra, daughter of the north wind (not the later one who knew Caesar); these children were blinded at the instigation of Phineus' second wife, for whom he had abandoned Cleopatra, whom he left chained in a stone tomb.  She was daughter of a god, but even to her fate was hard.


Yo, chorus! Wake up! The gods, or "fate," didn't do this to Antigone; Creon and his chicken soldiers did! Fate, schmate. Mean, self-serving creatures did these things to mortals or fellow humans who seemed to threaten them in some way.  Two of the victims are women, and the agents who murdered them were a father and a husband.  By implication, this is the company of villains to which Creon belongs.

Study Questions

bulletDoes this choral ode make you feel more sympathy for Antigone?
bulletDoes this choral ode make you feel more anger toward Creon?  How does it set up the confrontation with Tiresias that follows?

Assessment: Choose a study question and respond in a paragraph, citing evidence from the play to support your point(s).


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