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Stasimon 5
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Thorough text; also art & sculpture.Objective for this Page: To summarize the stasimon and to speculate on Ismene’s name.


The chorus calls on Dionysus [to whom the Athenian drama festival is dedicated] to save the city from the plague that Tiresias has described is on the city because Polynices was not buried.


Is there a pun on the name Ismene in the river mentioned in line 1248?  Since Ismene will be the only survivor of the onslaught of suicide and ruin that is about to be reported by the messenger, it may appropriate to associate her here with the toughness of dragons.

Study Questions

bulletWhy is it appropriate for the chorus to mention flowing water?
bulletWhy is it appropriate for the chorus to remind the audience of the origins of Thebes?

Assessment: Choose a study question and respond in a paragraph, citing evidence from the play to support your point(s).


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