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Used in the 2001 Notre Dame theater production of Antigone: the prose translation by Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald (1983?)

Translation by R. C. Jebb (1899) Scroll down to read.  The forum links at this MIT site are "not found" for reading or posting.

Translation with extensive notes by William Blake Tyrrell and Larry J. Bennett in frames portion by portion

The Harvard Classics translation (1909-1914) is searchable text in three sections at 

Perseus Project's scholarly Jebb translation The Perseus Project version at Tufts University renders the Jebb translation in scholarly fashion with many considerations about translating the words.

If you're interested in the process of translation and whether there are disputes about some of the words in Antigone, see your reference librarian about getting a photocopy of an article by  Andrew Brown endtitled "Notes on Sophocles' Antigone in The Classical Quarterly  (July-Dec 1991 v41 n2 p325(15)), which compares some disputed readings in the play.

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