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Argument Objectives

Below is a master list of the critical thinking objectives for the various modules in the Litonline webs which support the major competencies from the list of competencies generated at the 2003 VCCS May Symposium on Commonwealth Courses. [The link gives instructions for logging onto Blackboard.]

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Competency 115 [Argument]: Articulate a position through a thesis statement and advance it using evidence, examples and counterarguments that are relevant to the audience or issue at hand.  

Competency 116 [Variety of Argument Methods]Use a variety of methods to develop arguments, including compare-contrast reasoning; logical arguments (inductive or deductive); and alternation between general and specific (e.g., connections between public knowledge and personal observation and experience).

Competency 117 [Voice: Rhetoric and Style]: Write to persuade the reader by anticipating and addressing counterarguments, by using rhetorical devices and by developing an accurate and expressive style of communication that moves beyond mechanics to add flair and elegance to writing.

After reading, pondering, and discussing the examples listed below, students should be able to draw from sample student essays several examples of the skills required to accomplish these argument competences.

"Hills Like White Elephants" includes a student essay, "Love and Licorice" with commentary, as well as a collection of analytical essays about the story.  [The link is to the sitemap for the module.]

See also the Essay Draft Drop Box and the various forums and archives in Litonline--

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