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1            Cover

2            Setting for the Story

3            Hemingway Chronology  

Study Guide and Commentary*

4             Preview and Opening

5             "A Fine Time"

6             "A Simple Operation"

7             "Then I'll Do It"

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8             "You've Got to Realize"

9              The Train

10            The End? 

An Essay with Commentary

11            "Love and Licorice"

12            "Nor Is It Honest"

13            End of the Essay

14            Quiz Questions

15            Study Guide on "Hills"

Commentary by Students and Others*

Summaries of Published Criticism Click me to use the page of literary criticism summaries.

Sample Essays That Reference the Summaries of Criticism (building on those listed above)

Links go to publisher and professorial websites, including recorded lectures, other copies of the story, and other commentaries.  Also see the study guide in this web for other student essays and notes about the story.

* Illustrations have been added to most of these student essays, sometimes by the students themselves, to make them web pages--on the assumption that the rhetoric of the Web (as opposed to the Internet) is partly "mediated," particularly with pictorial or audio files or both.


Writing Tasks for This Module

Questions from this study guide website in three formatsThe word processing files below contain the writing tasks from the last two pages of this module.  Click on the appropriate version for the word processor on the computer you are using.  Confused? See the Word Processing Hint, then click your browser's back button to return here.

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