The Silken Tent Test


By working through this module, you should be able to determine your skills at deciphering the meaning and method of a traditional poem.


You are encouraged to prepare for this module, an online test which you will answer in Word to submit to your instructor, by working through the Litonline introduction to poetry.  A one-page summary of that module is included in this one as a brief review.


As you answer the multiple-choice questions of this module, you will want to have a new Word file open where you can record your answers and explanations of those answers, especially for the questions on music and art.

"To everything on earth the compass round"

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Button Note: The "Sitemap" is the table of contents for this module, with links to each page; the one-page review summarizes considerations of an Italian sonnet from the Litonline introduction of poetry; and the "questions" button takes you the test, starting with the directions.  


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