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Background on Sonnets

Instruction on Sonnet 116

1 Cover (the previous page) 8 Sonnet 116: Two Readings
3 Module Preview 9 The (Hyper)Text of Sonnet 116*
4 A Brief History of the Sonnet 10 A Paraphrase of Sonnet 116
5 Metrics in Poetry 11 Scansion 1 of Sonnet 116 (lines 1-8)
6 Reading a Poem 12 Scansion 2 of Sonnet 116 (lines 9-14)
7 About William Shakespeare 13 Rhyme Scheme of Sonnet 116
Brief analysis by a student

Analysis by a professional

Sound Effects in Sonnet 116
Link to Glossary of Poetic Terms 17 Symbolism in Sonnet 116
Syllabus List 18 Theme in Sonnet 116
Credits-Copyright-Acknowledgments 19 Links Relevant to Sonnets
Litonline Site Map 20 Pick Background Music for Cover

Questions on Sonnet 116

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        * The hypertext version of the poem "glosses" several words in the poem by linking to footnotes or to these other pages, which illustrate and define words or translate metaphors involving the words "alteration," "bark," "edge" (of doom), "height" vs. "worth," physical "impediments" to marriage, " "remover," "star," "sickle," "tempests," and "time."  Please access these from "The (Hyper)Text of Sonnet 116," listed above, so that you can see them in context.

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