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Attendance and Late Work

For an online class, your participation is tracked by the work you turn in, so if you miss an assignment deadline, email me to state what time or other help you need.  Perhaps we could talk on the phone about what ideas or draft you have so far; students more often email tentative ideas and drafts, usually before they are due.  During the last week of the semester, though, such help is harder to come by.

FYI: Research on Attendance: A few psychology professors recently asked a couple hundred of their students to rate 5 dozen reasons for missing class as acceptable or not.  Students with higher grade point averages rated the fewest reasons as acceptable, though faculty and students agreed funerals, jury duty, sickness, car malfunctions and accidents, and also religious holidays as acceptable reasons for missing class.  Faculty and students generally agree--and other research supports the belief--that attendance and course grades are strongly related.  What would be the corresponding pattern for online classes?

Late Work

(For online sections and sometimes on-campus ones, work must be submitted via email or typed/pasted into a discussion forum by the end of the evening due or be considered late.) If you miss a quiz or forum deadline, check the assignment on the course calendar and submit it as soon as possible, so you will have enough time for upcoming assignments.  If your emailer fails you, use the form on this web for sending in work.

If you miss an essay deadline, it can cost you up to 10 points off the grade the essay merits. All make-up work is due within one calendar week after the due date or you may have to take a zero. All make-up work is worth a maximum of 90% of the original point total. In short, make time on time to complete assignments, not after, especially if you want an A for the course.

(Warning: Nearly all make-up and extra-credit work turned in during the last two weeks of the course is inferior.)

FYI: Reality Check: Most people who pass this course do all of the assigned reading and all of the assigned writing on time. Advanced students do additional reading and spend up to 10+ hours drafting and revising to maximize each essay's quality (by using substantial support and a versatile style), sometimes getting support from the course instructor or the free tutors at the campus Academic Support Center.

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