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Grade Tracks

The chart below shows a choice between more complex readings for a couple of modules (yellow vs. peach backgrounds), though everyone does the introductory modules, a spoken presentation, and a final essay (aqua background).  Details for these modules are linked from the Course Calendar below the chart.

Level (required of everyone)


(required of everyone)


(required of everyone)
Advanced do the course tour and the "Hills" module Oedipus  or Antigone or Hamlet an oral  presentation Sonnet 116 and "Birches" Final Essay
Beginner Trifles "Gunner" and the "Silken Tent" quiz
Due Date*
Summer, 2005
Task Link: Click the link for details on each assignment listed below.


Take the Course Tour and complete the Permissions and Plans form.  (Write your tour highlights in Word and paste them into an email message to


Email the finished version of your essay on "Hills Like White Elephants." (Advanced: You must quote relevant phrases from the story AND from other readers.  Student writings are linked from the sitemap, as is a summary of critical opinions.)


Respond to a study question about a play.


Submit individual spoken presentation via email or mail a CD to the instructor's campus address. Be sure to use the CHECKLIST and chapters 2 and 3 of your textbook to prepare on literary aspects of the work you select.


Respond to questions about poetry.


Email your final essay for the course.

* by 11:59 p.m. on this date, usually a Sunday evening


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