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804-371-3205 = Prof. Hibbison's voice mail Mail is slow but better than waiting weeks for computer repair. If you email me your pager #, list best times to use it. I check my email more often than my voice mail.

Whether by telephone, mail, cell/pager, or email--stay in touch. Especially when trouble starts, you may find helpful ideas in these pages, but feel free to contact me.  (ALWAYS keep a copy of what you send!)

804-523-5500 =

U.S. mail: (ALWAYS keep a copy of what you send!)
Prof. Eric P. Hibbison
P.O. Box 85622
Richmond, VA 23285-5622

You may wish to contact the Academic Support Center about tutoring to help you with any of the assignments in this course.  Nearly all tutoring is face-to-face, so you should find the Academic Support Center at the Parham Road Campus (just inside the library) or Downtown Campus (near the bookstore).

You can contact classmates at the one on-campus session for starting the course and via the email system in Blackboard (click the "Communication" button in our Bb web for ENG 112 to find students enrolled in your same section).

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