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Current Semester's Grades for Commonwealth ENG 112

112 Syllabus

Midterm Assessment   Supply a Code Name

aupdated.gif (7013 bytes)Directions for using this page.  Look in the alphabetical list below for the anonymous "code name" you submitted with your form in the first week of the course, and read across your row to see what I've recorded for grades.  Notify me of any inaccuracies, such as a blank for work you've posted or emailed, or an inaccurate total.  If I've missed something or if you are submitting work more than a week late, e.g. a forum submission, please email it to me at If your email is out for a while, you can use the link  above, left (a form where you can paste work), or send hard copy to me at

Prof. Eric Hibbison, AHSS, PRC
JSRCC, P.O. Box 85622
Richmond, VA 23285-5622

Grades for Summer, 2005, ENG 112

All work must be submitted via email before 11:59 p.m., Monday, August 1st.

Actual totals shown in the chart below may exceed the maximum due to extra-credit tasks, superlative work, or students who needed to work ahead. (Please check my addition to make sure your total in the chart below is correct. Email me about errors.)  NOTE: Column headings with their links to assignments repeat in roughly the middle and at the end of the grade roster below.

  • The semester grade scale is--

    • A = 90% - 100% = 383 - 425

    • B = 80% - 89% = 340 - 382

    • C = 70% - 79% = 298 - 339

    • D = 60% - 69% = 255 - 297

    • F/W < 255.

  • NOTE: On a 50-point assignment, 45-50 = A, 40-44 = B, 35-39 = C, 30-34 = D, <30 = F.

Any time you feel your total is low, you can do extra-credit work, provided it merits an A or a B for quality.  CHECK THE TOTAL IN YOUR ROW AND NOTIFY ME ABOUT MATH ERRORS.

If your grades are low, and you do not file paperwork for a W grade before 60% of the course elapses, contact to discuss finding a higher gear for the home stretch.

An "R" in the grade column means that I have emailed you several ideas to improve your rough draft so that your ideas can stand out more clearly and be better supported.  Please revise and email the "new and improved" version back to me for grading.

Please allow 2-3 days for replies to emails and form submissions and up to 10 days for grades on assignments to appear below.  (These are my slowest response times, not my average.--EH) I am currently reading email submissions of writings received on  my college address on July 25

See the grade scale above for the entire course.

Code Names Total



Drama Forum Pres Poetry Final Essay (Extra)
Maximums 425 25 100 50 100 50 100 (20/pg)


425 6/1 6/12 6/19 6/20-7/15 7/17 7/31 8/1

R = rough draft submitted and my comments sent to aid revising, which MUST be done to finalize the essay as college-level work that can earn points.

    21 of 25            
79875 352= B 25 85 10r 95 45 92  
Amira 407= A 25 97 48 95 52 90  
Cafemom 239= F 10 85 50 94      
Devin's Mom 342= B 10 72 44 95 34 87  
DMB Raven 403= A 25 98 46 94 45 95  
Jewel 120= F 25 75     20 so far    
Kyla Ann   367 = B 25 70 50 95 36r42 85  
Code Names Total



Drama Forum Pres Poetry Final Essay (Extra)
Lil Twurp 386= A 25 87 46 95 20r 93 20
Maya 333= C 25 83 10r43 95   92  
NP186 388 = A 25 94 45 94 17+21 92  
Pink  Sunshine W 25            
Praiser 320= C 25 75 50 90   80  
Ron Burgundy W 25            
Sherman 355 = B 10 80r97 30r46 70 so far 47 85  
Sunny4 386 = A 25 86 25r40 95 50 90  
Code Names Total



Drama Forum Pres Poetry Final Essay (Extra)
Tejas Kid 322= C 25 73 20 94 35 75  
Teufelhunden 372= B 25 75 45 95 40 92  
Tigger F 10            
Travis W 25            
Twins Mom 415= A 25 98 46 94 50 95  
UofR Guy 150= F 1R? 50 33 50 17    
Weather Bug 359= B 25 77r87r94 50 94 46 50  
Zoeluv 354= B 25 75 36 94 18+12 94  
Code Names Total



Drama Forum Pres Poetry Final Essay (Extra)

* "R" in the essay grade column means that you are invited to revise to develop your essay more fully.  No points are added to your total at this time, but by revising according to the guidelines I send you via email or that we discuss on the phone, you should end up with a grade above C for the essay and have at least 80 - 90 points or more added to your grade when I evaluate your revision.

** Extra-credit tasks can be selected by students at any time during the semester or offered by the instructor.  Typically worth up to 20 points per page (20-25 lines), the extra-credit must merit an A or B to count (at least 16 points per page).  Currently, the black numbers in this column signify an introduction written for classmates.  (The purple numbers are something else initiated by the student, perhaps from the extra-credit tasks.)

Supply a Code Name for Your Row

Before: Bohemian

* Code Name: Make up and email me a "code name" that we can use to keep this current grade report private, anonymous, and legal.  The challenge is to make up a code name that none of your classmates or others will know--but which you will recognize when you click to this page to check your grades.  For example, my nickname at one cyber place is "Bohemian"; this handle isn't something evident from my bio, but anybody who sees the photo of me at left (top) from 1974 might think the moniker fits, though the photo from 1999 (bottom) doesn't look very "bohemian."
After: not very bohemian

Grade Tracks

The chart below shows that students who wish a top grade must work with more complex readings for a couple of modules (yellow vs. peach backgrounds), though everyone does the introductory modules, a spoken presentation, and a final essay (aqua background).  Details for these modules are linked from the Course Calendar.

  (required of everyone)


(required of everyone)


(required of everyone)
Advanced do the course tour and the "Hills" module Oedipus  or Antigone or Hamlet an oral  presentation Sonnet 116 and "Birches" Final Essay
Beginner Trifles "Gunner" and the "Silken Tent" quiz

Midterm Grade

The anonymous grade reports posted above during the course will include your midterm assessment. That is, whatever your total is should be compared to the "prorated grade scale" to make sure you are on pace for the course grade you want. 

If I see trouble before midterm, I may try to contact you. If you see trouble, try to contact me so we can work on a solution that will help you pass the course.  You can think of your presentation as a "midterm" project, if that will help you excel on it.

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