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Http Error 404


This error message usually indicates that you are online and have your browser open but that you did not type the web address ("url") correctly.  If you clicked on a link and got this message, then the author of the link did not type correctly or the website has been moved or discarded. 


  • If you typed the web address, check the typing in the address line letter for letter, dot for dot, slash for slash.  Spelling counts!
  • If a link is provided at the website, click on it instead of typing the address.  For instance, all of the links you need to do assignments are provided on the course calendar for this section of ENG 112 (93A).  The links appear as underlined type in a different color than the usual black type.  When your mouse cursor crosses a link, the arrow changes into a hand (in the usual cursor styles).
  • If you think the address is correct, try cutting off the right end to the nearest slash and pressing the <Enter> key.  This may take you to a menu that will list what you are looking for--and a correct or new link.
  • If these methods don't work, email me to tell me exactly which page you were on (backtrack to it using your "Back" button and use "Copy" and "Paste" to put the web address of the page into your email message).  Specify the link that didn't work, and let me know what happened when you clicked it. (I fix about half a dozen links per semester on my web pages from links that have changed by me or other college staff.)

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