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HTTP 500: The page cannot be displayed

The note below displays when the server you are trying to contact for a page messes up the link somehow. (See below.)


This should be a temporary condition, so

  • Try again in a while.  This message can be equivalent to a "busy signal."
  • Check the URL (web address) letter for letter, mark for mark, especially if you typed it in.
  • Cut off the last section of the URL (back to the last / ) to see if you can reach a higher page on the server that might list and link to the one you are looking for.
  • Google for the page because it may have moved.
  • If repeated attempts to connect keep getting this message, the only remedy is to contact the person who maintains that server.  Look for an email address for a webmaster or other person responsible and note your problem. 
  • (Be sure you're online when if you get this message.)

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