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Prof. Eric P. Hibbison
  • B.A. (1969) Regis College (Denver, Colorado)
  • M. A. (1971), M. Ed. (1973) U. of Arizona
  • Ph. D. (1990) Indiana U. of Pennsylvania
  • teaching college since 1971, at JSRCC since 1973
Besides teaching ENG 112 and ENG 01, I'm also the webmaster and project director for the Litonline webs, which support writing about literature.
523-5500 includes 24-hour voice mail
Let's handle things by email, by phone, or else by appointment, if we're both certain we can get to the same place at the same time, e.g. my office.
OFFICE LOCATION:  Parham Road Campus, B-315 (but F-1 is being used during the refacing of B until Spring, 2007) Parham Road Campus, Bldg. A (left), B (right)
U.S. Mail Address     

Prof. Eric Hibbison
P.O. Box 85622 
Richmond, VA 23285-5622

My office is located on the top floor of Building B at PRC, at the far west end of that floor, in a short hallway across from the ESL offices.

(See the note below on writing conferences.)


Email:  FAX: (804) 371-3588 
Professional WEBPAGE: 
(OR    Click on "Contacts" near the top of the college's home page.  Click on H. Scroll down to click on "Hibbison.") 

Hypertext Autobiography:  

Denver90.gif (54588 bytes)

Above: Denver, Colorado, my home town (1953-1969)

Writing Conferences:  Whether you make an appointment with me to go over one of your major assignments (essay or presentation) or consult one of the free tutors in the Academic Support Center * , here's what you might expect.

Reading, Getting Ideas, Writing: In a writing conference for ENG 112, then, a tutor or professor should help students avoid pitfalls in reading, as well as fleshing out ideas in writing. A tutor or teacher can help students to assemble a viable thesis/topic sentences, find quotable quotes from the works, and provide explanations that link the quotations (or paraphrases and summary sentences) to the claims. 

Editing: If students need editing assistance or help with achieving variety and emphasis in sentence structure, a tutor or teacher would point to lines, sentences, or brief passages that need editing, get the student perhaps to read the target area out loud, and ask if it sounds right, smooth, awkward, etc. Another editing method might be to circle (or point to) a trouble spot to see if the student can identify a problem and offer a fix. Verb endings and sentence endings (marked or unmarked) are the most common problems, though word usage can be a bear (bare?), too, along with a high number of misspellings (more than a couple per page).

* The ASC on the Parham Road Campus is located just inside the PRC campus library--Building A, main floor, hallway 2; turn right as soon as you step on the carpet.  The ASC is staffed by trained tutors and volunteer faculty.  At the Downtown Campus, the ASC is located in the northwest corner of the main floor, behind the cafe.

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