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Nervous About the Presentation

Here's a list of reasons not to be too hard on yourself for the spoken presentation task: 
  1. If you join a group for an on-campus presentation, you should also be aware that the students who do attend will be pulling for you because they have to do the same thing. This could be the best (most well wishing) audience you will ever have.
  2. Also, for a group presentation or an individual discussion with the professor by phone, don't forget that questions are grade-raisers because they give you a chance to tell
    more information. 
  3. Of course, focusing on the information and your classmates' need to know (before they rent a movie or buy a CD, for instance) may help distract you a little from your nervousness. 
  4. Besides, this is only a school assignment for a grade; it's not a news conference or a Cabinet meeting with the fate of the free world hanging in the balance. 
  5. Since you pick your own subject, you can select a movie scene or song for which you can find and are willing to share information and your own insights.
  6. Nervousness isn't worth the effort; it takes too much energy and clouds the mind.
  7. Some nervousness is to be expected, if you're a caring and conscientious person; but too much ruins the pleasure that you should derive from being the expert on the scene or song that you have reviewed repeatedly (8 times is average) and for which you have insights and authoritative information.
  8. Everybody gets an A, B, or C on this assignment; the only way to get a lower grade is to show the scene or play the song and say one sentence and refuse to answer questions--or to skip the task and earn no points to add to your course total.  
  9. As you may have seen on the first day, you can have some fun and exercise some creativity in each format, especially video.
  10. Giving one presentation may be better than enrolling in an entire speech course, for which you might have as many as 10 speeches.

With all this going for you, you might even enjoy the task a bit.

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