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Prerequisites for this course: To enter this course you must have earned a passing grade in English 111, College Composition I. If you were recommended for English 107 or 108  based on your reading placement test or your exit from ENG 04 or ENG 05, you may take English 107 during the same term as you are taking English 112. NOTE: If you were required to take ENG 04 or ENG 05 for reading improvement, you must pass that course before attempting this ENG 112 course because of the amount and sophistication of reading required. (These prerequisites are based on studentsí performance from several past semesters.)

Prerequisites for the Commonwealth Course versions of this course

Be advised: Students who succeed in the print-based, telecourse, and Web-based sections of distance education courses have been shown by experience and research to have characteristics such as these:

  • self-directed (rather than needing frequent prompting)
  • independent (rather than needing constant social contact)
  • persistent
  • not looking for an "easy" way to do the course, just a way to use time flexibly

For other observations from students who have survived the course, click to visit the Online Learning Forum.

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