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Checklist for Spoken Presentation 

To earn the highest points possible, use several of the topics listed in the column appropriate the medium you have chosen; after all, a movie scene is fiction (except for most documentaries), and a song is poetry.

For a movie 

Performance Topics 
See an introduction of the topics below for Hamlet before considering these ideas for the scene you selected from another movie.

  • Props 
  • Sounds/Sound Effects 
  • Setting 
  • Colors 
  • Costumes 
  • Camera Angles 
  • Blocking (Actors' Positions and Movements)
  • Light vs. Shadow 
  • Music

For a song 

Performance Topics 
Consider the aspects below and the "Poetry Topics" in the bottom cell to note how emphasis is achieved in the song, what words or phrases stand out in the performance, and how these point to a theme (an image of how life works).*
The singer, the instruments, the back-up singers might create emphasis by using

  • longer notes
  • louder sections
  • a capella sections
  • more instruments
  • harmony
  • repetition
  • more singers
  • reverb
Fiction Topics

For more information on the topics below, consult your textbook.

  • plot (especially conflicts)
  • character (especially motives)
  • point of view (perspective or character from which story is told--who's thoughts are given directly and how, e.g. voiceover narration, dream sequence)
  • setting (impact of era or locale on conflict)
  • atmosphere, or mood (the "feel" of the four above combined)
  • tone (the author's apparent attitude about the characters and their conflict)
  • theme (the image of how life works conveyed by the movie)
Poetry Topics

For more information on the topics below, the smart play is to consult your textbook's index.

  • imagery (Translate the figurative language into plain English to point to a theme or tone.)
  • rhythm (What's the beat of the song? Or, what mood does the beat suggest?)
  • rhyme (Do any of the rhymes hint at the song's main idea, or theme?)
  • connotation (Which words mean more than they say outright?)
  • theme, of course

* Your handout will likely be a copy of the song lyrics marked to show how emphasis is achieved by the use of one or more of the "performance" features in the list above.

Finding Lyrics: Although you can use any search engine to look up a song title and find someone's rendition of the lyrics, you may find this note handy--

The lyrics used in the demonstration were found at "Lyrics World"

The main index of this site lists songs and singers who have been in the top 40 since 1930. The site provides printed lyrics only, not recordings, bios, nor links to song writers nor singers.


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