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Features Praised in Presentations

Tangible, Specific Features Praised in Spoken Presentations by Students

  • Walking us through the movie scene
  • Map
  • Emphasis on one character in the scene
  • Interaction with class
  • Voice inflection
  • Analogies

Good Ideas for Handouts 

  • Color
  • PowerPoint
  • Photos or clipart
  • Your name!!
  • List characters with personality features or significant actions that you summarize.
  • Highlight scene.
  • Bio of music artist, especially as relevant to the song
  • Sourcenotes!!
  • Observations or notes to highlight your main points, even line by line notes for poems or songs

Reminder: Mark song lyrics with boldface, italics, underlining, or symbols to show how (significant) words are emphasized during the performance, maybe even noting what instruments are audible or what back-up singers do and harmonies.

By analogy, some students capture the dialog of the movie scene they are showing and make notes about camera shots or camera angles.


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