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Things pile up.  To keep from being overwhelmed, you have to set priorities--for the semester, for the week, for each day.

Try answering this set of questions as realistically as you can--but realize that I will be as flexible as I can to help you meet the collegiate standards of this course.

1.  Which of these do you have to handle this semester? (Check all that apply.)

job (more than 30 hours)

other courses (more than 6 credits)

family (kids and spouse, maybe aging parents)

civic/club/church activities

If you checked three or all of these, consider the next questions very carefully.

2.  If your job hours change (even bosses who sign off on your taking college courses for reimbursable tuition have sometimes been known to impose mandatory overtime), how do you adjust your time? (Check all that apply.)

Do less work for your college course(s).

Get family to take on more of your home responsibilities (or fudge more chores and tolerate more griping from family).

Withdraw from at least one course.

Resign/unvolunteer from civic/club/church activities or reduce hours spent.

3.  If your grades are too low, what do you do?

Contact each teacher to find out how to boost your grades, such as by doing extra-credit or make-up work.

Call the Academic Support Center (371-3600) to arrange tutoring on site or by email.

Withdraw from one or more courses before the deadline in order to focus on the remaining courses.

Reduce your work hours or take vacation time to catch up with course work.

Nothing and hope you can catch up next weekend or the next or the next.

Try to submit your old high school papers for credit, no matter how primitive they may be.

There are no "correct" answers to these questions, but some strategies will work to further your education better than others.

There's no "Submit" button for this survey, because you have to confront these issues.  If you want to talk, contact me at (804) 523-5500 or email or talk to a counselor at the Access Center.

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