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English 112 (English Composition II)

Reading Objectives

Below is a master list of the objectives regarding the reading process for the various modules in the Litonline webs which support the major competencies from the list of competencies generated at the 2003 VCCS May Symposium on Commonwealth Courses. [The link gives instructions for logging onto Blackboard.]

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Competency 100 [The Reading Process]: Engage in an analytic process to enhance comprehension and create personal meaning when reading text. Through verbal response, the student will annotate, question, agree or disagree with, summarize, and critique texts.  After working on the modules listed below, students should be able to meet these objectives:

  • Understanding Poetry 3: Consider alternative possibilities for what the poem means.

  • Understanding Poetry 4: Consider what it says about your own life.

  • Understanding Fiction 2: Develop strategies for reading and responding personally and analytically to short stories.

  • Understanding Fiction 6: Improve written argument by writing critically about fiction.

  • Understanding Drama 1: Identify important visual elements in a play and explain what each contributes to the overall effect on the audience.

  • Studying A Farewell to Arms: A103: Apply the content, organization, and style for an effective study question (or quiz) answer.
  • Studying A Farewell to Arms: A104: Determine the usual shortcomings of less effective study question (or quiz) answers.
  • Studying A Farewell to Arms: A106: Differentiate between the distracters and the target answer.
  • Studying A Farewell to Arms: A111: Apply the principle that "nothing that happens in a high-quality published fictional story by accident."
  • Researching A Farewell to Arms: B112: Describe how factual background, or knowledge of real events, impacts on one's understanding of fictional events.
  • Researching A Farewell to Arms: B114: Describe several factors that influence one's appreciation of a writer's craft.



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