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To make sure you are looking at the most recent version of a page (instead of the version saved on your computer the last time you looked at a page, such as the "Grades" page or a course syllabus and course calendar), you should press the <F5> key to "refresh" or "reload" the page from the server.  In Internet Explorer and other Microsoft software, the "refresh" icon shows two green arrows chasing each other.  You can also request a page reload/refresh via the "View" menu:

Your trouble with websites not reloading and not appearing may have to with how your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sets up your web browser.  For instance, AOL and CompuServe provide a browser when you get online or when you click "internet/Web access" or some such prompt; you should minimize that interface and open up your own copy of Internet Explorer, which probably came with whatever version of Windows you may have running on your computer. 

If you are using Internet Explorer, when it's open, click "Help" - "About" to make sure it is at least version 5.  IE5 can see java and Flash features that IE4 (and Netscape 4.1) could not see.

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