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English 112 (English Composition II)

Essay Writing Objectives

Below is a master list of the objectives regarding writing for the various modules in the Litonline webs which support the major competencies from the list of competencies generated at the 2003 VCCS May Symposium on Commonwealth Courses. [The link gives instructions for logging onto Blackboard.]

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Competency 107: Use prewriting strategies.  The student will develop a focus; determine the purpose; plan a sequence of ideas; use structured overviews; and create outlines.  

Competency 108: Use appropriate paragraph structure in writing. The student will construct coherent paragraphs and arrange paragraphs in logical order.  

Competency 109: Use a variety of sentence structures appropriately in writing.  The student will construct compound, complex, compound-complex, parallel, repetitive, and analogous sentence structures.  

Competency 110: Present ideas to achieve overall coherence and logical flow in writing.  The student will use appropriate techniques such as transitions and repetition to maximize cohesion.  

Competency 111: Demonstrate a controlled, unique style and voice in writing.  The student will use effective diction, syntax, and tone.

Competency 121/147: Use and prioritize a variety of strategies to revise and edit written work to achieve maximum improvement in the time available.

Competency 122/148: Employ basic editing skills proficiently to identify obvious mechanical errors, clarify and improve the structure of the piece and sharpen language and meaning.

Competency 123/149: Review ideas and structure in substantive ways to improve depth of information and logic of organization.

  • Hamlet 4: Analyze the quality of selected student writing about the play.
  • Oedipus 8: Determine characteristics of an effective answer for a quiz/discussion question.

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