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English 112 (English Composition II)

Exploring VCCSLitonline

This is a suggested exercise to help you explore the resources housed at http://vccslitonline.vccs.edu. Assume that you would like to select materials from this site to use as part of a unit on either short fiction, poetry or drama.

Use the following guidelines to make your selection:

1. Go to home page for the site
(http://vccslitonline.vccs.edu). You might want to click on the Quilts link below the quilt image for a brief explanation of the image and how it pertains to this site.

2. Go to the Site Map for VCCSLitonline

3. General Webs

The site contains several "general" webs, some of which are designed for you, the teacher; others, for students, and still others, to house administrative and other essential information. For now, look at some of those designed specifically for students. These include:

  • Course Objectives
  • Reading and Writing about Imaginative Literature
  • Genres: Fiction, Poetry, Drama
  • Resources for Literary Studies
  • Strategies for Success
  • Submission Formats: Papers and Electronic Submissions

You will notice that some of these are geared more toward online instruction while others are applicable to the traditional classroom setting as well. Click through these webs to get an idea as to how--or whether--they might be useful for your hypothetical unit.

4. Genre Webs

These fall into different "levels."

A. There are three webs designed to introduce students to the specific features/requirements of each genre:

  • Understanding Poetry
  • Understanding Fiction
  • Understanding Drama

Choose the appropriate web for the genre you want to work with today. You might want to click through all three to make a decision.

Select additional modules from the following levels:

B. Within each genre there are webs that focus on individual works:

  • Poetry: Sonnet 116
  • Fiction: Hills Like White Elephants
  • Drama: The Glass Menagerie
  • The Hamlet Site
  • Oedipus the Wreck

C. At the same "level" are some webs that deal with specific literary concepts:

  • Tragedy in Life and Literature

D. Finally, there are several discussion forums in each genre. These allow students to exchange ideas with their peers (at their home institutions and at other participating VCCS schools).

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Click the purple quilt piece on
each root page to go to the Litonline sitemap.