Genre Dilemma


Objective for this Page:  To define the term “genre” and to analyze the merging of multiple genres in the text.

We classify works of literature into groups, or genres.  A few examples of genres are letters, journals, essays, short stories, poems, plays, and novels.  

Which genre or genres characterize “No Name Woman”?


Genre Choices
Memoir (Autobiography)
Essay (Nonfiction)
Short Story (Fiction)
All of the Above


Assessment: Analyze “No Name Woman” in terms of its genre. Make three lists demonstrating the ways “No Name Woman” can be characterized as 1) a memoir, 2) an essay, and 3) a short story (fiction). As you formulate a thesis, you might consider: Does one genre characterize the text better than another? Create an outline for an essay or presentation. Remember to provide specific examples (evidence) from the text to support your argument




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