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VCCS Litonline Introduction to Literature
English 112 (English Composition II)

Opening a Word ProcessorWord Processing Tips for VCCS Litonline


To Open a Word Processor for VCCSLitonline Notes

  • If no word processor is open already, click on "Start" in the corner of your screen (probably bottom, left); then click on "Programs." If you think you were using Word to use the .doc or .rtf form of the question file, look down the list of program applications for the W icon for Microsoft Word, and click on it. Once it's open, click on "File" and see if the file name (probably "Xxxxques" unless you changed it) is listed near the bottom of the menu that pops up. If so, click on it to open it.
  • If you think you were using WordPad (white page icon) or NotePad (aqua notebook icon) to use the .txt form of the question file, after clicking on "Start" and "Programs," click on "Accessories" and open either. WordPad keeps a list of recently used files, so you can click on "File" and look for the filename at the bottom of the popup menu.
  • Memory Overload Warning, (especially for older computers): If you keep too many programs open at one time and have 128Mb of RAM or less, your computer might "freeze" and you'd have to "reboot" it and find your way to where you left off in this lesson (the "Site Map" can help). Sometimes warnings pop up before your operating memory gets overloaded. So keep the lesson and the poem open, maybe with a word processor to take notes (save after each note), but don't keep every external link open.
  • If you're not at your own computer, you might open an e-mailer at the computer you are using (for instance, if your college provides e-mail accounts for students and you're studying in a college lab because their computers are 10 times faster than the one you've got at home) to collect your preliminary notes and e-mail them to yourself at your usual e-mail address.

To Re-open a Word Processor and Retrieve VCCSLitonline Notes

  • Once you save a file to your computer's hard drive (or to your diskette, if you're using someone else's computer or a college's lab computer), you can minimize or close your word processor. Maximize or reopen your word processor and open the copy of the question file that you saved. (If you don't change the name on saving, the file will be called "PoemQues" or "ham-ques" or "Oed-ques," or something like that.)
  • If you aren't familiar with the computer you are using (or with any computer), look at the list of open applications next to (or under) the "Start" button on Windows. (It's a Windows thing, not part of your Internet browser). If you see a blue letter (for Microsoft Word) or a little icon that looks like a notebook (Windows Notepad) or a hand holding a pen (Corel WordPerfect), click on it and the word processor and file of questions should re-open.

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